Skills Assessment

Trade Skills Australia - SKILLS ASSESSMENT
Taking a skills assessment is an excellent way to determine what techniques you need to focus on to build your career. The Trade Skills Australia team allows you to tap into practical trade skills you learned on the job to advance your professional opportunities.

Key Questions to Ask Trade Skills Australia Regarding Skill Recognition

Many of our clients come from backgrounds where they have never experienced a skill recognition process before, which usually triggers many questions. Examples of queries that we receive from interested clients include:

    • How is the assessment performed? Our team will set you up with online access to your evaluation. We coordinate with you to find a day and a time that doesn’t impede your work schedule so that you can give the assessment your undivided attention.
    • Will I receive a certificate in recognition of my skills? Obtaining a certificate as a result of your assessment is something you should take pride in, and why we provide every client with a certificate that they can display in their home or office.
    • What documentation do you need? Our team will let you know precisely what we need to perform the assessment. Pre-enrolment documentation, as well as workplace information and other supporting documents, are examples of what we will request. You can provide this information to us via e-mail. If you have concerns about what we need, just let us know.

What You Can Expect from Trade Skills Australia Regarding Skills Recognition in QLD

Our team wants to see you make the most out of your skills recognition assessment in QLD, which is why you can always expect the following from us:

    • Multiple certificate options: Are you interested in becoming a boilermaker? Perhaps you have an affinity for welding? Do you consider yourself a jack of all trades? Regardless of your answer, we provide you with the opportunity to earn a variety of certificates that help to authorise your skillset.
    • Fast response times: We understand that you want to move forward with an assessment as soon as possible. When you trust us with your skills assessment needs, you can count on a fast response time around your unique schedule.
    • Two site access: Do you feel more comfortable talking in-person to a member of our team about your skills assessment? Not a problem. We maintain a location in both West Lakes and Greenmount to cater to your needs. Our Greenmount site is by appointment only, so be sure to contact us ahead of time if you would like to come to this location.

The Best Advice You Can Hear Regarding a Skill Recognition Assessment

At Trade Skills Australia, we pride ourselves on offering our clients every opportunity to capitalise on their career goals. Don’t waste any more time second-guessing whether you can enhance the skills you already possess. Contact us today for more information.