Trade Skills Australia is the brainchild of Layke Rossiello and Ryan Ottens. Layke and Ryan have seen the business develop from strength to strength since its initial registration as a Registered Training Organisation in 2021.

They doubled their clientele in 2022 when they introduced Automotive qualifications to their already thriving Engineering qualification product scope.

Layke and Ryan have over four decades of experience in engineering and automotive trades and in training and assessing candidates for Recognised Prior Learning.

A powerful team!

Thousands of trades workers, Migration Agents, Human Resource professionals, employers, and Immigration Lawyers take advantage of our world-class service to get their people suitably qualified with an Australian Certificate III in an Engineering or Automotive qualification.

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Vision Statement

Trade Skills Australia sets itself apart by aiming to establish itself as the industry benchmark in the VET industry. Our commitment is to deliver the most relevant, compliant, and highest standard of service for quality assessment in the engineering automotive trade sectors. We differentiate ourselves by letting the superior quality of our service and work speak for itself, always striving to be the best at what we do.

In addition, Trade Skills Australia seeks to address the current skill shortages in the Australian workforce. By delivering genuine and intensive skills assessment services to highly skilled workers employed here and abroad, we hope to attract them to practice and develop their skills and expertise in Australia. We aim to assist international workers with a viable migration pathway to Australia through skills recognition and assessment.

Mission Statement

At Trade Skills Australia, our mission is to provide exceptional skills assessment services to unqualified, but skilled workers in the engineering and automotive industries, both nationally and internationally. Our goal is to help tradespeople secure better employment opportunities in Australia, and we do this by offering genuine, no-nonsense service without any unnecessary drama.

Our RPL assessment process is designed by industry experts who understand the unique challenges faced by tradespeople. It is practical and holistic, providing a more straightforward and faster pathway to earning engineering and automotive qualifications. We believe that this approach ensures that our clients have the skills and know-how to succeed in the industry.

Our team is dedicated to providing excellent and intensive skills assessment services to tradespeople. We are proud to have been founded by real Australian tradespeople for other tradespeople. At Trade Skills Australia, we prioritize delivering exceptional service with integrity and professionalism, and we remain committed to helping our clients achieve their goals.


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