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What we do Trade Skills Australia RTO Code 45637 is a registered training organisation that provides skills assessment services to non-qualified but skilled trades workers.
What are the minimum requirements to enrol? We require sufficient evidence to demonstrate you have paid experience working at trade level. We will require evidence of three (3) years time in trade. Your experience level must meet the requirements of the qualification you are seeking. Speak to our team to find out more.

We strongly advise any candidate seeking an Australian certificate for an Employer Sponsored Visa to have an Australian employment opportunity PRIOR to commencing their RPL with Trade Skills Australia. Head to the TRA website to determine your migration pathway:

How much does it cost There are no up-front costs and no hidden fees. You will be issued your first invoice once you have submitted your step 2 evidence to the portal. The cost of our RPL and Skills Assessment Process is $2,450.00. This is broken into two payments:
    • Documentary Assessment – $1,225.00 – due once you have uploaded sufficient identification, employment, workplace, and pay evidence to the portal.
    • Technical Assessment – $1,225.00 – due to progress to the final technical assessment.
Step 1

You will upload your identification, employer evidence and pay evidence to the portal.

Step 2

We enrol you into your qualification. You complete your enrolment form, and self-assessment questionnaire and upload your workplace and training evidence.
This is the step where you indicate your core and elective units. Once completed, we will issue your first invoice.

Step 3

Once we verify your first invoice payment, we commence documentary assessment. If you successfully pass this stage, you will be issued your second invoice.

Step 4

Once we verify your second invoice payment, your technical assessor will be in touch to book a virtual meeting with you and commence your technical assessment stage.

Recognised prior learning

What does recognised prior learning mean?

As per the ASQA definition, recognition of prior learning (RPL) is a process that assesses your competency acquired through formal and informal learning – to determine if you meet the requirements for a unit of study.

Is Trade Skills Australia an RTO or a broker?

Trade Skills Australia is a Registered Training Organisation RTO code 45637. When you commence your RPL with us you will be assessed by us. We do not have any arrangement with any third party organisation.

Can I apply for RPL if I have been self-employed?
Yes, you need to provide the required self-employment evidence during the preenrolment process.
Can you convert my international qualification to an Australian qualification?
Yes, we can assess your international qualification during our RPL process. You must provide your academic transcript, statement of results, list of subjects or modules you completed.
What does credit transfer mean?
Credit transfer is offered for equivalent units of competency or modules from a qualification within the same Australian training package.

NOTE: if you are applying for credit transfer for an Engineering or Automotive Australian Qualification that you already possess, you must supply a statement of attainment or academic transcript to be eligible. Credit transfer is only eligible for Nationally Recognised Australian Qualifications.

Our RPL portal

How do I get access to the portal?

The first step is to complete our online form. Our team will review your enquiry. Once you meet the minimum requirements to enrol, we will create a login for you and email you login details. We allocate you an enrolment officer to help you along the way.

Candidates have 21-days to commence submitting evidence to the portal. If we are unable to contact you, or if you do not commence submitting your evidence within 21-days of receiving your login details, the system will automatically archive your enquiry. You may reinstate your application by contacting your TSA representative.
How does the portal work?
The portal is very simple to use. We recommend logging into the portal as soon as you have your login details to start to familiarise yourself with the portal. You will be guided through your RPL application via the portal and your allocated Trade Skills Australia team member.
Will I need to upload video and photos to the portal?

Photos and videos are one type of evidence that can be provided to demonstrate workplace experience. You do not need this type to commence using the portal. You will be given a comprehensive guide as you progress through your RPL application for the types of evidence needed and at which point in the process.

Types of step 1 evidence

Resume detailing your employment history and brief trade duties. 
Colour copy of Government issued identification such as a passport or drivers licence.
Employment evidence
Employment statement or reference
Employment Certificate
Contract of employment
Company identification
Letter of offer
You are required to upload one piece of employment evidence per employer in step one. The above is a list of types of evidence we accept.

Pay evidence

Employer payment summaries
Bank statements showing company name against deposit of salary or wages


Tax records
You are required to upload one piece of pay evidence per employer. The above is a list of types of evidence we accept.


What happens once I pass the technical assessment?
Candidates who successfully pass the technical assessment will go into compliance stage. At this stage, a compliance check is carried out. If successful, you will be issued your qualification. This certificate is a Nationally Recognised Australian Qualification. Some candidates use this certificate as a part of their visa application. Others will use the certificate to apply for Australian employment.
What happens if I do not pass technical assessment?

Trade Skills Australia’s assessment process includes various methods to assess skills and knowledge against each unit of competency to achieve the full qualification. Should you not be successful in demonstrating the required skills and knowledge across the full qualification you may receive a Statement of Attainment for the units of competency you have been deemed competent.

Will I receive a refund if I do not pass the assessment?

No. You are not paying for a certificate. You are paying for our RPL assessment process to assess your skills and knowledge. If you are assessed as Not Yet Competent in all units required to achieve the full certificate, you will receive a Statement of Attainment containing the units you demonstrated competency in. We do not offer refunds.

How long does it take?

The process may take as little as four (4) weeks from acceptance of enrolment. This timeline is dependent on your availability for our technical assessment with our Assessor and your references responding to our requests for information.