4 Reasons Why we’re one of the Best RPL Provides in Australia: TRADE SKILLS AUSTRALIA


Trade Skills Australia is the ONLY company in Australia that is 100% dedicated to helping skilled trades workers get the qualifications they need via RPL.

While there are some companies that offer similar services, we don’t outsource any part of the RPL process because we are a Registered Training Organisation, we don’t need to outsource.

We use the RPL process so that trades workers who have been in the industry for over 5 years can get the qualifications they need for the skills they have!

Ever wondered what makes Trade Skills Australia one of the highest rated RPL providers in Australia?

Let’s get into it! 

We are NOT brokers

Many of our competitors are brokers, meaning they assist their clients in obtaining a qualification from their network of RTO’s, but they don’t provide that service themselves. 
Trade Skills Australia is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), meaning that we provide the entire service, not just referring you to the right people (we are the right people!).

The person you speak to on day one will be the person guiding you through the entire experience, and if our reviews are anything to go by, we do a top notch job of it. 

We stay on top of current qualifications

Our team is constantly doing research and ensuring that all of the qualifications we provide are current, and nationally recognised.

We would never let someone use their hard earned money trying to get a qualification that is the wrong qualification, no longer current or useful to them.

You never have to worry about going through the process only to find you have a useless qualification you can’t do anything with.

We have Australia’s largest network of international liaisons

We liaise directly with organisations all over the world to help qualified trades people from other countries get the equivalent qualification in Australia.

You can view our full network of liaisons on our website, but we liaise with organisations in Ghana, Canada, The Caribbean and Germany, just to name a few. 

If you need to get your current international qualification recognised in Australia, we are the team to help you do it!

Don’t just take our word for it!

We have a huge collection of positive reviews from our network of previous clients (38, 5-star reviews and counting).

Trade Skills Australia has the best communication techniques that are used when carrying out assessments. They have excellent knowledge skills on what is required for one to get the trade skill certification.

Trade Skills Australia offer the best services for Australian trade qualifications suited for everyone’s needs.

The criteria that they use and all their questions are easy to understand and assignments are that which are practical and up to date with the world class industry. Therefore, the professionalism that they give out is of world class standard and I would recommend everyone to do assessments with them.
With reviews like this, it’s clear that we are the people to go to when looking to gain your qualifications via RPL.

Added bonus (just for you)

We’ll make sure you never get stuck paying for a qualification you can’t use, because we are constantly monitoring the industry and updating the certifications we provide.


Our knowledgeable staff are here to help you go after the career you want.

We make the entire process as pain free as we possibly can for each and every one of our candidates by breaking down the barriers between you and the qualifications you need.

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Trade Skills Australia RTO Code: 45637 is a Registered Training Organisation dedicated to providing intensive skills assessment services to non-qualified but skilled engineering trades workers. We help national and international tradies gain better employment opportunities in Australia. Get the qualification you need for the job you want with Trades Skills Australia. Contact us to find out how.