Trade Skills Australia - RPL QLD
Talk to us if you require recognition of prior learning (RPL) assessments. At Trade Skills Australia, our RPL in QLD offers excellent evaluation services. Get your skills recognised in Australia.

The Benefits of Recognition Of Prior Learning in QLD

The assessment process enables you to get formal Australian qualifications for your skills and knowledge to improve your mobility and employability opportunities. We place value on and recognise the learning attained in the workplace or independently, outside a formal setting.

    • You may not have had the opportunity to undertake further study. That does not mean that the capabilities and experience you have gained during practical apprenticeships and working as a tradesperson should not be validated and conventionally acknowledged.
    • An RPL in Brisbane Certificate III in the engineering and fabrication trade – boilermaker, metal/heavy fabricator in mining, maintenance, marine, gas, and oil – may permit you to enter further education and training programs in your field.
    • It makes the duplication and repetition of information you are familiar with unnecessary, shortening the time required to achieve an additional programme or college accreditation.
    • We offer skills assessment and recognition services for certification in mechanical engineering and fabrication. Our Australian qualification assessments include validation of Certificate III for structural-, production-, heavy-, pipe-, coded-, second and first-class welders.
    • The Certificate III General encompasses candidates with a wide-ranging skillset who do not specialise in a particular trade. Industrial spray painters, sheet metal workers, metal casting, forging and finishing trades workers, and electroplaters fall in this category.

We provide services concerning a range of certifications in the Vocational Education and Training sector. Enhance the likelihood of obtaining excellent job opportunities with knowledge-based know-how and workplace-specific skills in a wide array of trades.

Tips Regarding RPL in Queensland

Send us an email or give us a call if you require recognition of prior learning assessment. The team will answer your questions and provide the professional assistance you need. Download our candidate handbook, policies or procedures.
    • We deliver compliant, relevant quality assessing services and courses applicable to the engineering industry. Our work quality is to the highest standard.
    •  Our service is flexible concerning your time zone and work schedule since we offer a quick and well-organised online appraisal process. We provide sustained, first-rate support to our candidates.
    • Please submit workplace and supporting evidence and pre-enrolment documents via email. Our assessor conducts an information and technical valuation of your application. We will issue a comprehensive certificate that recognises your skills if you meet the requirements.
We aim to address the expertise shortages in the Australian workforce. We do not require payment as a set-up fee when highly-skilled international or local trade workers apply for our legitimate and meticulous services.

Why You Should Use Trade Skills Australia

We enable tradespeople to develop and practice their engineering skills in Australia. We give non-citizens in the construction and manufacturing industries a workable migration opportunity through skills assessment and recognition. Contact us to send a message or give us a call.