Trade Skills Australia - RPL PERTH
We offer skills assessment and RPL in Perth to non-qualified local and international tradies. Achieve recognition of prior learning in WA if you are a welder, plant mechanic, sheet metal worker, or boilermaker – among others – and improve your employment options.

The Importance of Recognition of Prior Learning in WA

Many skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced tradespeople face disadvantages in finding suitable, well-paying work, migrating to other countries, or being admitted to further education if they do not have recognised Australian qualifications.

    • Our recognition of prior learning assessments and verification services in WA help you to obtain a formal acknowledgement of the intelligence and practical know-how you have attained as a worker or by applying self-taught competencies. We help you to improve your relevancy in the workplace.
    • An employer in WA can match you to the right job and step up productivity with proof that you have the necessary skills. Escalate your inclusion prospects in the labour market. You will be more competitive in the working world if you can substantiate your knowledge.
    • Several countries have established RPL systems with the help of the International Labour Organisation and other bodies. Australia acknowledges the learning attained through formal, non-formal, and informal methods.

Get in touch with us if you want to get your professional entitlements and trade skills appraised and verified because you plan to migrate to Australia.

Solutions for RPL in WA

Australia is experiencing an expertise shortage in the workforce. We aspire to assist in turning the situation around. Download our candidate handbook, policies or procedures and call us or send an email to enquire about RPL in WA.

    • Anyone with relevant prior learning experience is eligible to apply for an Australian qualification via RPL. You can use previous studies in the relevant field We do not ask for payment of a set-up fee when you make an application. We are flexible regarding your work schedule and time zone. Our online evaluation process is well-ordered and happens fast because our team provides encouragement and assistance to our clients.
    • We supply authoritative and accurate services to the skilled local and overseas trade workers who apply for our services. Our courses and assessments meet the approved requirements, are relevant to the fabrication and engineering industry, and offer unparalleled quality.
    • We request that you make your pre-enrolment documents, workplace, and supporting evidence available to us after our initial contact via email or telephone. Our assessor will appraise the information that forms part of your application. We issue a full certificate that acknowledges the technical skills of those candidates that meet the prerequisites.

We assist industrial spray painters, metal casting, forging and finishing trades workers, electrical diesel fitters and mechanics, and individuals who have played a leadership role in the manufacturing, metal, engineering and allied industries, among others, to attain the formal Australian qualifications they deserve.

About Trade Skills Australia

We operate a registered training institution under RTO Code 45637. Our professional team enables clients to gain Australian engineering qualifications fast through a holistic and practical online assessment process. Contact us if you are a competent but non-qualified worker who requires an excellent skills assessment.