Trade Skills Australia - RPL NSW
Are you skilled in an engineering trade such as fitting, machining, boiler making, welding, surface finishing, or tool making but not qualified? Trade Skills Australia can help get you the recognition you deserve. To build your reputation and assure your next job opportunity that you can do your job well, you’ll have more opportunities when you become a licensed tradesperson. As a Registered Training Organisation, we can get your experience converted into a nationally recognised Australian qualification through RPL in NSW.

Benefits of Trade Skills Australia

We offer intensive skills assessments and recognition services for Australian qualifications in fabrication and mechanical engineering to assist local engineers with improving their chances of obtaining better employment in Australia. We also offer our services to international engineers to get their trade skills and professional abilities officially assessed and recognised in Australia to provide them with a viable migration route to Australia where they can help fulfil our current skills shortages.

    • We strive to provide our clients with a clear and fast way to receive their engineering Australian qualifications through a more practical and all-inclusive RPL assessment method.
    • We provide an online assessment of our candidate’s skills which permits us to be flexible to their work schedule and time zone.
    • We do not charge admission or set-up fees.

What You Can Expect from Trade Skills Australia Regarding Recognition of Prior Learning in NSW

Our registered training organisation will assess your engineering trade skills for RPL in Sydney to obtain the recognised Australian qualifications to improve your chances of better employment opportunities in Australia. We will assist you in turning your prior learning experience or overseas qualification into an Australian recognised qualification.

    • Anyone with relevant prior learning experience is eligible to apply for an Australian qualification via RPL. You can use previous studies in the relevant field as part of the assessment, provided you have maintained and applied the skills. We will assist you with the required documentation and evidence you will need to submit for your evaluation.
    • Although based in Sydney, NSW, we offer our services to all Australian and international tradespeople wanting to move to Australia. Our assessment process is based online to enable flexibility with your work schedule and time zone.
    • Once you have submitted your pre-enrolment documents, supporting, and workplace evidence via email, we will process your application and assign you to our assessor, who will conduct a documentary and technical assessment. If you meet all the criteria, we will issue a full certificate in recognition of the relevant skills.

About the Professionals at Trade Skills Australia

Trade Skills Australia’s Ryan Ottens is our CEO / founder, assessment director, and head assessor. He has an advanced diploma in mechanical engineering and certification in training and assessment, mechanical engineering (tradesperson), and competitive manufacturing. He has vast experience in recognition of prior learning and skills assessment. Our compliance, sales, and marketing director, Layke Rossiello, has diplomas in vocational education and training, training design and development, and quality auditing. He has level three certification in surface preparation and coating application and level four in training and assessment. His experience in programme administration, compliance, sales, and marketing is a tremendous asset to our organisation. 

Let us help you get your Australian qualification to improve your work experience in Sydney, NSW, or elsewhere in Australia. Contact us to find out how.