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Are you in search of a company that offers RPL assessments in Melbourne? Schedule an appointment to speak to a member of the Trade Skills Australia team. We recognise the fact that countless people have fantastic trade skills but don’t have a formal Australian qualification. Our team collaborates with you in setting up a certificate program that will help you develop those skills.

Benefits of Recognised Prior Learning in Victoria

There are several reasons why we believe recognised prior learning in Victoria is essential. Here are some examples of why this approach is beneficial:

    • Validation: Many employees doubt their abilities because they don’t have the “traditional” preferred Australian qualifications in a trade career. Our team works with you personally to determine the skills you’ve mastered versus the skills you need to learn or fine-tune. We enjoy providing our clients with a sense of pride in knowing that the skills they have learned in the past are something they can use to further their career now.
    • Eliminates repetition: Part of our assessment is to discover what skills you know versus what skills you need for your dream job. Instead of wasting time re-learning something that you already know, you can spend time focusing on further developing the skills you may lack.
    • Greater chance of success: When you don’t need to spend time focusing on skills that you already know, there is a better chance of you perfecting the skills that you need to learn.

Related Services We Provide to the Recognition of Prior Learning in Victoria

Once you go through our formal recognition of prior learning assessment in Victoria, you will have the chance to pursue different certificates such as:

    • Welding certificate: Welders are in high demand in the metal fabrication industry. Whether you have an interest in working on large welding products such as putting together a ship or you would like to focus on welding a piece of furniture, welders are always needed for countless products. This certificate can help you put your skills on display to land your dream welding job. with online assessments so we can work around your schedule. We support you to make the process fast and efficient.
    • General mechanical trade certificate: Do you consider yourself to a “jack of all trades”? If so, this certificate is well-suited for you. Our general mechanical trade option doesn’t focus on one skill only; it will allow you to draw attention to the skills you have in the mechanical engineering field to become an operator or technician. 
    • Engineering – fixed and mobile plant mechanic: Do you have dreams of being a plant mechanic or a diesel fitter? This certificate can help you do just that. This assessment entails gauging your skills in this field so that you have an understanding of other skills you may need to develop for the job.

About Trade Skills Australia

The Trade Skills Australia team collaborates with you to develop and expand your talents on a specific trade so that you can grow in your career. 

Contact us for more information about our certificate options.